Thursday, April 6, 2017

Why Malaysia participated in Stella Zakharova cup

A Ukrainian website posted a story on the declining popularity of Stella Zakharova Cup. It used to be a much more prestigious event but recently top gymnastics countries have been ignoring it.
Apparently, the organizers are trying to attract more international competitors and this year they paid travel and accommodations expenses for the participants (not sure if everyone or just some). Of course, this is a game changer for small gymnastics federations who can't afford going to a lot of competitions.
Malaysia sent a full WAG team there together with their Ukrainian coach Natalia Sinkova. Sinkova says the team really needs international experience and all expenses paid trip was a gift they've never gotten before.


  1. Why Russian Federation don't sent their gymnasts there?

    1. Because Russia and Ukraine are currently at war. Ukrainian gymnasts also don't go to competitions in Russia.