Saturday, April 22, 2017

Verniaev, Dalaloyan and Rodionenko talk MAG AA

Russian sports TV channel Match TV sent a well-known sports journalist Dmitry Zanin to cover artistic gymnastics. Yesterday after MAG AA he made short interviews with Oleg Verniaev, Artur Dalaloyan and Andrei Rodionenko.

Here's a short summary of the interviews.
Oleg is asked whether the win was easy for him as he was everyone's favorite to win gold. Oleg admits that he was extremely tired, especially after the first two apparatuses, so he basically continued competing on sheer will and determination. He was checking Dalaloyan's scores and knew that he needed to not make any mistakes after floor. He realized that without mistakes he would win.

Zanin asks Artur Dalaloyan if he was expecting to medal in AA. Artur says his main goal was to compete well and to show everyone that he is up there on the international level. He thinks that his silver medal was well-deserved and he needs to work harder if he wants to get a gold. He never gives up after a fall because gymnastics is unpredictable and there's almost always still a chance. So, even after a fall he tries to gather himself and fight till the end.
He's asked whether it was hard to give 100% till the end and Zanin mentions that Aliya said on the broadcast that Dalaloyan used to not have enough stamina to finish strong in AA. Artur laughs and says he has  proved he has enough stamina now.
Zanin asks him how Artur can calm himself despite the lack of experience and young age and Artur retorts that he's not that young anymore, he's 21 now!

Then Andrei Rodionenko is interviewed. He's asked whether he could predict the results and tells that at the beginning of the quad all results are unpredictable and everyone tries new things and sees how they go. Dalaloyan became a big discovery for the Russian team as an all-arounder which makes him extremely valuable because strong male all-arounders are rare.
He's asked whether Dalaloyan could win without the mistake on the pommel horse and answers that there's no conditional mood in gymnastics, whatever happened happened and that's it.
Zanin asks whether Verniaev's scores were fair and Rodionenko refuses to talk about it saying that he's not discussing judging and scores.
They plan to try all the gymnasts on the national team and see who they'll take to Worlds, but the team will probably be different from the one at Euros.
He praises competitors from the other countries, saying that the competitor from Cyprus is absolutely fantastic.
He is asked about Melnikova's poor performance in qualification. He admits that they sent her to too many competitions. The reasoning was that she needed competitive experience, but they ended up overworking her and she's too tired now. Apparently, Melnikova also  got slightly injured/sore during floor because of a bad landing.

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