Saturday, April 22, 2017

Eremina talks about AA and UB finals

Eremina finished 4th in the AA final at Euros and got a silver medal in the bars final yesterday.
Eremina seems like such a clear-headed person, none of that usual Russian nonsense about bad judging.
She believes her AA performance was far from the best, she would grade herself a C- on it because there were issues on all four apparatuses. She thinks a mistake on her toe-on full in bars lead to getting silver instead of gold, but she's not sad. She really wanted to get a medal, any kind, so silver makes her happy and motivated to do better next time.
Grebyonkin is just happy that Eremina's Nabieva to Pak is finally solid.

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  1. Thanks for the news about Lena, she is really a positive and carefree young girl, but feel a little worried about her two scary falls on beam.