Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Oleg is only getting 10 days of 'vacation' in May

We all know that Oleg is exhausted and badly needs rest, what's with competing non-stop for several years now.
He even said in an interview a couple of months ago that he'd go on a real vacation after Euros. Well, he wished.
In a new interview, Oleg says that the only vacation he'll get will be 10 days in Israel in the end of May, but this will actually be for physical therapy (and hanging out with Shatilov and his dogs, I guess). Right now he's going to compete in three Bundesliga meets. Then, after his rest/therapy sessions in Israel, he's preparing for the University games and Worlds, of course.
His preparation for Euros didn't go well as he had a bad case of strep throat in Stuttgart and couldn't really train for two whole weeks because of it.
After the qualifications, he thought of scratching from some of the event finals (he qualified for all of them), but then decided to do everything. Except that by the horizontal bar final he was absolutely spent, so that led to two falls.
He's looking forward to compete with Uchimura again!

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