Monday, April 24, 2017

After Euros: round up of news and interviews in Russian media

In the news from Russia:

Emin Garibov has officially retired. He was toying with the idea of retirement for some time now, while taking on more official roles on the national team.
He says that after watching Euros he realized there is too much competition right now and his health will not allow him to return to the competitive level. He will work with the national team as the marketing manager.

Angelina Melnikova was so devastated after qualifications and the vault final, she did not want to compete in the floor final. She expected to do poorly again, so, at the end, she stopped caring about her placement and just competed for herself. Apparently, this approach worked. This gold inspires her to continue training and improving.

Valentina Rodionenko was really not happy with the results and the coaching team is going to have a discussion about it when they get back home. She's worried that if the girls can't keep up even with the European competitors, they'll have no chance at Worlds.

Andrei Rodionenko is praising Eremina noting that she did very well for her first senior Euros.
He has, however, some harsh words about Paseka. He thinks Masha was not ready for Euros after just two months of training and, maybe, she shouldn't have been included on the team.
In an interview to Match TV he adds that they basically expected that Masha will easily win with her vault combination and they didn't know there will be so much competition in the vault final. He adds that Paseka's Olympic vaults were not enough for this final.
Which is actually not true, Paseka's Olympic vaults would've won here. Only she did Lopez instead of Cheng here and her Amanar in the vault final was poorly executed.
Rodionenko believes that new qualification rules for the Olympics make room for more event specialists and this will lead to more competition for the event medals. He feels that it's already started happening and there is already more competition on the rings and vault. Apparently, they had no idea about Coline Devillard's vaults and didn't expect for anyone to have higher vault difficulty than Paseka at Euros.  In general, he likes the new qualification rules and thinks it's going to be good for the sport.
He paid attention to Chinese and Japanese nationals and knows that the gymnasts there are very strong.
Russian gymnasts will get a very short break after Euros and will get back to training after that.
In the same tv feature, Artur Dalaloyan talks about his vault gold. He was sure he would do his triple twist well because he's been doing this vault forever. He was quite worried about his second vault, though (handspring double front pike), because it's relatively new for him and he made a mistake on it in qualifications. However, when he was preparing to run for the second vault he suddenly felt very confident about landing it.

Alfosov is very happy with MAG results, but, according to him, European medalists will have no priority when the Worlds team will be selected just because of their titles. They'll still need to be competitive and go through the selection process.

In Ukrainian news:
Oleg is super tired what with having no break after the Olympics and this exhaustion lead him to the falls on horizontal bar. Fortunately, he's not injured. Israeli team doctor and physical therapist Adam Badir was helping Oleg throughout the championships. Oleg's been treated by Dr. Badir several times in the past and next month Oleg will come to Israel for physical therapy. Oleg says he's already planning for Tokyo and can't relax because there is so much competition right now, especially from younger athletes. 

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  1. The leader of Russian Women team should be replaced, that's so simple! What's the new rule of Qual.?!