Tuesday, April 25, 2017

More nonsense from Valentina

Do you enjoy reading Valentina's verbal diarrhea she calls "interviews"? If yes, here's some more for you. I don't have the strength to translate all the stupid things she says, but I'll give you a summary.
Valentina says she's not surprised with the results as the current national team lacks depth. She is only happy with how Eremina competed and calls her their ray of sunshine and last hope (previously she similarly praised Komova, Grishina and Melnikova, but they all fell out of grace). She claims that Eremina has one of the best floor routines in the world (everyone just fell from their seats reading this). She especially praises Eremina's modesty and lack of "diva behavior" and thinks Eremina will become the new leader of the Russian team (bye bye Gelya, I guess?). She thinks the rest of the girls were too full of themselves and is angry with Paseka for going to Euros instead of letting someone else go (because, obviously, Paseka simply decided to go all by herself, she didn't need the federation's and the coaches' permission or anything). Valentina's like 'yeah, Melnikova took gold on floor, ok, fine, but what about her HORRIBLE qualifications and vault final? We don't care about her gold medal, she's trash from now on, Eremina is our everything'. Also, the team won't get any rest (especially not Gelya, who didn't deserve any) and their next training camp starts on Sunday 30.04.


  1. Somebody needs to kill the Rodionenkos.

  2. I cannot believe she is still in charge, She has no respect for the athletes, when they do good, she overpraises them and when they do bad they are just pure trash, STOP!

  3. Tune in next year for another episode of The Valentina Rodienko show, where she talks about Eremina's shit performances, the ray of sunshine that Varvara Zubova is, and why Melnikova is rotting on the sideline.