Thursday, April 20, 2017

Komova's interview: I'm healthy and I'm coming back!

Komova gave an interview to Sport Express right before the European Championships.
She talks about the prospects of the current team at Euros and about how her own training is going.

Q: The post-Olympics European Championships are special in many ways – there are many newcomers on all the teams, new routines… What are your expectations from this competition?
A: I went through the same thing after the London Olympics. There were few veterans left on our team, many newcomers, and we ourselves suddenly became veterans. I’m looking forward to see our new girls. Elena Eremina who is 15 year old hasn’t competed in any major senior competitions yet, I’m curious about how she’ll do here. Natasha Kapitonova is 16, she has slightly more experience, but not much. Angelina Melnikova went to the Olympics and she’s from my hometown. I’m going to cheer for all of them.

Q: People call Eremina the next gymnastics superstar.
A: She’s good. She’s very clean technically, has a good level of difficulty. Her best apparatus is bars, I guess, even though she also does all-around. But it’s too early for predictions regarding Lena. She’s still so small, light, it’s easy for her to do all the elements. Let’s see what happens when she grows up a bit.

Q: The two-time Olympic medalist  Maria Paseka is your age and she’s the only experienced member of this team…
A: She’s also my good friend. She went through tough time in preparation for these Championships. She had a lot of back issues and had to work through pain. I called her when she was already in Romani, but she couldn’t talk. I understand and I wish her the best luck.

Q: Is it foolish to talk about medal prospects when the team is full of new faces?
A: Well, the girls hope for medals, of course. There’s no point to train otherwise. Also, it’s important to make judges like you, make them remember your routines.

Q: So, it’s good, then, that our youngsters start at Euros and not at Worlds where the stakes are higher?
A: Well, it doesn’t really matter either way – at both competitions you represent your country, so, at least, you have to compete decently. Euros are a bit easier in the sense that our primary competition – Americans and Chinese – are not there.

Q: What can you tell about the prospects of our men’s team?
A: Their team is also mostly new. I saw videos of Nagorny’s and Lankin’s routines and liked them. I think, now’s their time. Dalaloyan and Lankin are extremely motivated and now upgraded to the necessary difficulty. These guys used to be the B team athletes and now they’re on the A team.

Q: Is it true that you got a dog for your win at the 2010 Euros?
A: My parents found a way to motivate me. I really wanted a dog and they promised to buy it to me, but with certain conditions. Right now Kutya is staying with my parents. I’d really like to have her with me, but it’s impossible to keep a dog with all the training camps.

Q: You mentioned training camps. Does it mean you’re back in training?
A: Yes, my doctors gave a permission. I started slowly coming back, I’m training at the local gym now. If everything goes right, I want to go to the Round Lake after Euros and show what I can do.

Q: So, you’re planning on competing during the whole quad including the Tokyo Olympics?
A: I really hope so.

Q: You missed the Rio Olympics because of your back problems. How did you manage to fix it?
A: I went to Germany last summer, they diagnosed me with a stress fracture in my spine. I was in treatment for 8 months – took medication, did physical therapy, went to Germany for follow-ups several times. At the end, the German doctors allowed me to come back to training with only a few limitations. There are some exercises that I shouldn’t do, but there are also some that are very beneficial for my back. Overall, I’m healthy.

Q: Were you ever in doubt whether you should come back to sport after such a long break and such a difficult injury?
A: I was, at first. But then, when I came to the gym and realized my back doesn’t hurt, it was… just wow! I suddenly could do the things I wasn’t able to do for a long time because of my back pain. So, I gradually got used to the training. My coach is often travelling to competitions with other gymnasts, so then my dad replaces him. I really hope I’ll soon be working with the rest of the girls and will fight to make the national team.


  1. Glad to see happy and healthy Komova, it's absolutely right for Komova to wait so long for good health!! And such a great joy for our fans!!

  2. I hope she makes a full comeback! I love her graceful clean lines in her gymnastics. Go Vika!