Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Valentina continues to trash everyone including Komova

Valentina is on a media spree continuing to trash all the girls on the national team except for Eremina, who is currently her "little ray of sunshine" (I wonder how long will it last? Till the next competition in which Lena falls and stays out of medals? Till Aliya comes back?)
Now she has some more bad things to say about Melnikova, Kapitonova, and even Komova (who isn't even currently on the main national team and haven't been to Round Lake in forever).

Valentina Rodionenko talked to MK about Euros and the perspectives for Russian WAG.
Here's the translation of her interview:

What were our goals for these Euros and for 2017 in general, the first year of the new quad? Well, of course, we were going to have a completely new national team – absolutely. To say there are tensions in the team right now would be nothing. Yes, we could bring someone else to Euros, but Seda Tutkhalian is slightly injured right now, and there are certain issues with Daria Spiridonova. I’m talking here about experienced gymnasts, the ones who’s been to the Olympics. But they’re also still young, they haven’t accomplished everything they could yet.
Of course, in Romania, our bets were on Melnikova who was supposed to compete at the highest level. I’ll say it right away: this competition proved us wrong. We can’t understand what is going on with Melnikova. It’s already her fourth competition this year and she performed poorly at every one of them, she was never able to achieve the results she was supposed to. Maybe, it’s psychological. When we ask her what happened she only says: I don’t know. And that worries us.
Next is Natasha Kapitonova. She has a difficult personality, she is quite reserved and guarded it leads to lack of understanding and communication between her and the coaching staff. She doesn’t tell us how she feels, how to do some things with her in a better way. Yes, they’re all still kids in a way, but in our sport, they need to grow up fast. So, we need to consider whether we are going to continue working with this athlete. Now, after we’re back home, we’re going to make decisions about every of the WAG athletes. The worst thing is that they have the potential for winning, but they fall apart in competitions.
The only athlete we’re happy with, even though there were fails there, too, is Eremina. We can already say that this girl can show the highest level of gymnastics. We haven’t had such a unique gymnast in a long time. She’s showing us the well-known Soviet style of gymnastics. Exactly what we want. It’s such a high level, her every move is precise. Look at her on floor, she starts and finishes every move exactly to the music. You know, it’s now the bane of gymnastics everywhere that when gymnasts do floor, the music is by itself and the gymnast is by herself, they don’t connect.

I’ve heard that during Euros Komova claimed she’s back again. I can tell her one thing: we’ll be happy to take her if she’s really back. But I don’t believe she’s going to work hard enough to produce the results we want from her. We’ve been waiting for her a long time, so let’s not put our hopes up. Let’s wait and see.

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