Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Melnikova's interview

Angelina Melnikova gave an interview to a local Voronezh news site after she returned home.
Here is the summary:
She says painkiller injections were prohibited during the Olympics, so she had to satisfy with pills, even though she was injured.
They mostly talked to Italian gymnasts while there, because one of their trainers used to work in Italy and could translate from Italian if their English wasn't sufficient.
After the team final she was bored and wanted to go home, because she wasn't in any individual final. They only had two tours around the city, so there wasn't much to do.
She didn't like the food in the Olympic village, says it was always the same and not very good, mostly pizza and pasta.
She really wants to drive, but she's only 16, so no chance of getting a license for another two years. In this interview she said she'll give her prize car to her parents, but, apparently, she's already put it up for sale.
It was hard for her to endure the award ceremony in Kremlin, because her injury makes seating painful and they had to sit for hours.
The gym in Voronezh (where Komova also trains) is quite small. Melnikova doesn't have to wait for her turn when she trains there, but other (non NT members) girls have to wait, because there's not enough equipment for everyone.
on 2/09 the team goes to Spain for  a training camp/vacation and after that she's going to do rehab for her injuries in Voronezh.

In another interview she says thanks to all her fans and that they are her inspiration.

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