Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Interviews with Aliya, Maria and Angelina

Now that the Olympics are over for the Russian gymnasts, there will be a frenzy of media appearances.
Unlike US gymnasts, Russian don't go on tours, but there will be many tv interviews and articles. Most Russian gymnasts do not earn money from sponsorships, but they do get a lot of money from the governement when they win Olympics medals. Usually, there's a hefty sum from the federal government in addition to some lower (but still good) sums from the regions where the gymnasts are from. If they represent several regions (like Aliya represents both Moscow and Penza), they'll get money from all of these regions as well. Gold medalists usually also get new cars. After London Aliya got more than 11 million rubles in prize money (that would be enough to buy an apartment in Moscow) and a new car which she gave to her father. For her three Rio medals she is supposed to receive more than 8 million rubles just from the federal government (and probably another car).

Just before the Olympics Aliya said she really wants to travel - as a tourist and not a gymnast. She plans on attending the 2018 Winter Olympics where her boyfriend is supposed to compete in bobsleigh.

Here are some interviews there were taped in the last few days:
Aliya and Masha are talking to the Match TV newscaster right after the EFs where they both won medals. Aliya and Masha said they were both in a lot of pain during the last competitive season and wanted to quit, but had support from friends and family, so they stayed till Rio. Aliya says she mostly wants to have a long break from gymnastics and doesn't have any certain plans right now besides the rehab for her injuries. Paseka certainly wants to continue and aims for a vault gold in 2020, but first she needs to heal her injured back - she will travel to Germany for that.

Another interview with Aliya:
She says the medals are quite heavy, each weighs about 600 grams. When asked wich medal is more precious for her, she says that all of them equally are precious. At the moment she is fully sutisfied with her gymnastics career, but that might change in the future, she doesn't know yet. Her main goal coming to Rio was to help the team. Her favorite apparatus always changes depending on how the training goes. If she doesn't do well on bars, she starts hating them and the same with other apparatuses. If she does well, she likes them.
When asked could she say that it's her last Olympics she smiled and answered: "Nope, I'm not going to say anything about it".

Angelina talks about the team final
She says that they knew going into vault that they can win silver if they hit. They were really freaking out when Paseka was vaulting last.
Aliya's support helped her to forget about the beam fall and to concentrate on floor. They were very pleased with judging, especially on bars.
They are not staying till the closing ceremony, the whole team leaves on 17.08. She was devastated after not qualifying to the all-around final, but now she thinks it's for the best, because she is injured and it's better for her to get some rest.

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