Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Some Russian news

Russian fan are joyful about the 4 medals in the last two days - Paseka, Mustafina and Abliazin - so there are tons or articles and interviews with the gymnasts.

Apparently, Denis Abliazin not only has problems with his shoulder, but also suffered stressed fractures of periosteums in both legs, which made tumbling extremely painful for him. He's taking a break to get treatment and to heal at least till the beginning of 2017.

Ksenia Semenova, Denis's fiancee (no, they're not married yet) gave an interview about their relationship. Here are the main points:
They met when they were kids (both training at the Round Lake), but it was a long time before she finally agreed to date him.
Denis is a cat person, they had two cats, but one recently ran away...
They live in Himki (Moscow's suburb), in Ksenia's apartment [I thought Denis lived in Penza, but, apparently, not).
She thought he wouldn't be able to compete in Rio, because he can barely walk  and cringes every times his legs are touched. But the team needed him and he decided to compete despite the injury.
He will go to Munich for treatment right after Rio.
She doesn't know when they'll get married, because right now Denis spends all his time on training and they can't plan the wedding.
She doesn't address the rumors about her pregnancy, only says they plan on having children someday.

In other news, both Paseka and Mustafina don't want to retire yet, but plan on taking long breaks to deal with their injuries.

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