Thursday, September 8, 2016

Khorkina being very Khorkina

So, after trashing Simone for being the second person winning three AA worlds and not the first one (because it was Khorkina herself, the greatest of all), Svetlana went after Mustafina.
When asked whether Mustafina is the new bars queen, Khorkina said that there can't be two queens, and she considers herself to be the only queen. According to her, Mustafina can only maybe get closer to Khorkina's greatness by winning multiple AAs at Euros, Worlds and Olympics, so for now, no, Khorkina is THE queen.
So, nothing new here. If you don't speak Russian, you haven't read Khorkina's memoir "Somersaults in high heels" (it was only published in Russian), but I have and, basically, here's the summary: everyone's trash, I'm the greatest, I won all the things except the times when I was robbed.
Khorkina was a pretty spectacular gymnast, but she's really not a smart person and the more she talks, the more you can see it. I remember once after some competition Russian gymnasts complained about unfair judging (like always) and Khorkina gave an interview saying that you should always compete without drama and never accuse anyone of anything. I was like "looooook, who's talking now!"

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  1.'s time to give her spot for the new generation!!