Thursday, August 11, 2016

Ok, so I've decided to start a blog, because 140 characters are just not enough for all my rants about gymnastics.
A bit about myself:
I'm Luba.
I was born in Russia and lived there till 2009, when I moved to Israel.
I've never done gymnastics myself. As a kid I did figure skating but found it quite boring. I got interested in gymnastics after watching Make it or Break it. The first competition I watched on tv was 2010 Worlds. I was hooked.
Since we don't really have competitions here in Israel, aside from the national championships, I mostly watch stuff on TV. The only international competition I've been to was 2016 Euros. I volunteered there doing stuff like organizing transfer for athletes, collecting start lists from team managers and so on. It was absolutely awesome and I want to do it again.

Since I speak Russian, there will be lots of information about Russian gymnastics and I will occasionally post translations and stuff.


  1. Since you keep up with Russian Gym news, have you heard any updates on what Alexander Alexandrov is now doing? I know he was the "international expert" for a recent Canadian camp, but haven't heard if he's working elsewhere.

    1. He was recently helping to coach Chusovitina when she was in Texas and he traveled with her to Gymnix. Otherwise, i have no idea what's he up to.