Monday, May 1, 2017

Beliavskiy could barely do a salto when he returned to training after a break

David Beliavskiy, our new pommel horse champion, told to Sport Express that getting back to training was quite hard for him. He took a 4-month break after Rio  - to get some rest, to visit family, and, mainly, to get married and go on a honeymoon to Italy (he proposed to his girlfriend Maria in Rio).
When he got back to training he could barely do a salto. While many gymnasts gain weight when not training, Beliavskiy loses weight because of losing muscle mass.
After Euros he and his wife went on vacation to Dubai, but next week he is going back to the Round lake. The national team is also supposed to go to a training camp in Cyprus, however, they won't have much time for lounging on a beach there, they'll spend most of the time in the gym training.
His routines are mostly ready, except for rings. He plans on competing all-around already at the Russian Cup which will be hosted by his home city, Ekaterinburg, this year.

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