Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Someone stop Valentina from giving any more interviews

Valentina gave an interview to an Azeri news site about the Baku Cup, which is sort of weird since no Russian gymnasts are participating.
In the interview she actually paid compliments to Americans (which never happens! she normally talks trash about everyone!), then talked about the plans for Euro preparation which include driving Melnikova to her grave, apparently. Valentina acknowledges that Melnikova is still very much not in shape after Rio, however, her solution to this problem is not keeping Melnikova out of competition till Euros, but rather sending her to all the possible competitions (Melnikova is going to Shtuttgart, London and Jesolo before Cluj). She also said that Russia doesn't have anyone else to compete right now which is bullshit - they have several young all-arounders who desperately need experience and would benefit from going to the World Cups much more than Melnikova.
Then she goes on to trash Chusovitina posing it is a compliment - shepraises Chuso for still competing but then says that Chuso is no longer a medal contender and her routines haven't changed in a long time. Like, is one year such a long time? Because Chuso competed TWO new vaults last season! Which is more than all the Russian team combined, basically.  And she's training an awesome new beam mount! And she had really good chances for a vault medal in Rio.
Someone please make Valentina retire, I can't with her anymore...

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