Thursday, February 16, 2017

Beliavskiy's interview - summary

Last week Valentina Rodionenko said that Beliavskiy will not participate in the European Championship because of the kidney stones.
Well, as it often happens with things that Valentina says, the gymnast has a different opinion.
David Beliavskiy gave an interview to a local Yekaterinburg's paper (the city he's from). Here's a summary.

David's glad he had a few months of rest after the Olympics because the training leading to the games left him with no energy. Some days he could barely crawl into bed. He felt like he had added responsibility on the team and it was hard for him. He started training again only in December and got in shape quite quickly.
He does have kidney stones, but, according to him, it's not very serious and he doesn't need a surgery or hospitalization.
He's not yet sure whether he'll compete at the Russian championship later this month. He might do one or two apparatuses if he feels he's ready. At the same time, he is planning on preparing for the Euros (I guess, he didn't hear Valentina decided he's not going).
His hand doesn't bother him anymore, the rest and some rehab worked really well.
He feels fine about the fact that Kuksenkov and Abliazin are currently injured, because there is enough depth on the team and younger gymnasts need experience and ready to give the veterans some competition.
Worlds will be the main start of the year for the men's team.

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