Monday, January 2, 2017

Melnikova's interview

Angelina Melnikova gave an interview to R-Sport just before New Year.
Here's the summary.
She says she used to be a very active kid, so her parents brought her to dance classes, but she didn't like dancing. Then they tried gymnastics which she liked. Later, though,  there were moments when she wanted to quit, especially that one time she had an ear infection and her ears hurt when she tumbled. She got onto the national team at the age of 11 and since then she never wanted to quit.
She really likes studying and reading, she started reading a lot at the Round Lake.
Her dad is a farmer, mom stays at home, her little brother used to do gymnastics but didn't like it, so now he's doing martial arts.
She doesn't like talking about herself.
At the moment she can't imagine her life without sport and wants to do gymnastics till 2028 (not sure whether it was a joke or she really wants to become the next Chuso). She doesn't want to become a coach but for now has no idea what she wants to do in her life besides gymnastics.
She likes all the attention she's getting after the Olympics because this way she can meet a lot of new people.
New Year is her favorite holiday. She would want to celebrate with friends, but her parents believe it's a family holiday, so she celebrates with her family.
She says she's not a very brave person, but gymnastics is not scary for her, because after many repetitions her body just knows what to do.
She loves travelling and was very impressed with Switzerland.
She likes dogs more than cats and also has a PET OWL (how cool is that?!!!!!!).
She collects plush toys (teddy bears and the like), but recently donated a big part of her collection to an orphanage.
She wishes a Happy New Year to all her fans!

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